“Amazon Paradise” ~Let us Revive the Paradise on Earth!”

First Bell Ringing

When I was seventeen years old, I happened to put on a radio at one evening. Then, vivid and rhythmical voice jumped into my ears. I was fascinated with the feeling. Something woke up inside of me.

The program was for learning English conversation. The rhythm and feeling of live English conversation fascinated me.

I was not a student who studies steadily and hard in school. However, I changed from the day drastically.

From that day, I never missed listening to the radio program even one day.

I also started to study hard in school. Gradually my score at school went up.

I finally entered one of the best colleges for English language study in Japan.

It was a missionary college. Teachers were so passionate on teaching students.

All full-time teachers were Christians.

It was my first time to learn teachings about love by Jesus Christ. It was fresh, but at the same time, I felt familiar to the teachings somewhere in my heart.

 I joined to a choir club, which was one of the most active clubs in the college. 

I became a head of the club in my second year. We sang many pieces of hymns. I loved the melody and words of hymn. I also volunteered playing the organ for a chapel hour. Chapel hour was my favorite time and I attended every morning, even if attendance to the chapel hour was not obligatory to students.

The college opened a new world to me.

I also took a course of taking a training to be a simultaneous interpreter. The teacher was a professional interpreter in Simul Academy, which is one of the most prestigious interpreting schools in Japan. It was very exciting course. We were given many assignments required to catch up with the class and the number of the students attending the class decreased each time. The textbook of the class was “Newsweek magazine”. We were trained to get interpreting skills between English and Japanese.

I read the world news in the magazine and got shocked. Japan was just before “bubble economy” occurring. However, I realized the current world was not a peaceful place at all. I found there were many problems out there such as hanger, conflicts and war n the world.

I thought, “In Japan, we are having parties by enjoying richness and abundance, but few people are cultivating a land and grow food. We might be enjoying this life with abundance by sacrificing somebody and somewhere in the world.”

The thought kept staying in my heart even after I graduated and started to work for a company.

A principle of the college was passionate and severe. He was full of love. He always conveyed clear message to students.

One day, he talked about one singer in the assembly class where all students attended. “Do you know what kind of intension she has in her mind?” He asked us. The singer was famous and I liked her from my childhood. The image about her was cute and pure. From the day, I started to become curious about her.

One day, I found an article in the magazine about her. In the interview, she said, “I want to expand love and light to the world.” I was shocked. Something lit up in my mind. I felt I was reminded a memory deep inside.

I thought, “I remembered. I want to expand love and light on the Earth and embrace the planet with them! I was born to do the work.”

The vision was lit up in my heart clearly. However, I was still a college student and did not know how to go on.

My journey to find the path started.

(to be continued…)

by Yumiko Obama


About amazonparadise

I am an author of "Amazon Paradise" published by AuthorHouse. I am also a professional interpreter and translator working in Japan now. I love swimming and walking along the beach, dreaming to swim with whales in the Pacific Ocean some day. I need lots of training and big courage though...
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