Amazon Paradise ~Let us Revive the Paradise on the Earth!~

Amazon Paradise ~Let us Revive the Paradise on the Earth!~

Wish for Peace

From my childhood, I always had wish that the peace would be realized in the whole world.

I still remember the time in my childhood.

One day I happen to listen to one piece of music, and I cried.

The music was was “Finlandia”. At that time, I did not know what kind of message given  in the music. However,  the moment I heard the melody, I started to cry. I was surprised to see myself and did not know why I was responding that way.

In my childhood, I had lots of chances to hear the people’s story about their real experiences of war.

When I was going to one Shinto religion church, the head of the church was talking his experience when he was dispatched to the harsh battlefield during the war time. He had about 100 subordinates and fought with them at front lines. Hearing his talking, I could not imagine how cruel the environment where warriors were put. I was thinking the extreme conditions when they were put in the situation where they might die any time.

It might have been very painful for the head of church to look back at his real experiences and talk about them. However, his story surely nurtured a strong wish for peace in my mind.

My grandfather was also sent to war to China as a head of many subordinates. When I was a child, I visited his house located in the country side and stayed there in school vacation. 

I saw a piece of white cloth on which many names were written in red ink and it was hung on the wall. My grandfather explained to me that the cloth was a present for him from Chinese women. In war time, his soldiers tried to harass those women and my grandfather stopped them. The women gave him the cloth by writing their names on it to say thanks to him. I felt so proud of him about what he did.

I felt a war reveals how weak human beings were when they are put under an extreme condition.

Hearing those stories, I realized peace that we enjoy now is not natural thing at all in the current world. Osaka city, where I was born, was also attacked by air raid. My mother was born in Osaka. She told me she had evacuated to countryside when she was a child. When my father was a child, he was living in Kagoshima, the southern prefecture. He was telling me the story about seeing American soldiers coming on shore.

(to be continued)

                   by Yumiko Obama


About amazonparadise

I am an author of "Amazon Paradise" published by AuthorHouse. I am also a professional interpreter and translator working in Japan now. I love swimming and walking along the beach, dreaming to swim with whales in the Pacific Ocean some day. I need lots of training and big courage though...
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