“Amazon Paradise” ~Let us Revive the Paradise on the Earth!”

Amazon Paradise

By working in the middle of Tokyo, the message I received from Amazon jungle became stronger to me.

Those messages became more meaningful to me as time goes by.

In this one year, it finally became clear to me what the messages of Amazon really meant, and I have been thrilled.

I want to write the detailed story in Amazon here, to see the meaning of them deeper.

I wish I could reflect them to me who is in the fast moving society right now.

“We are born for Joy and Happiness!

We are born to enjoy merrily and express joy and happiness

by singing and dancing here on this land!

                                       By Indios, Amazon Indigenous

Have you ever had an experience, which woke up all cells of your body? Have you ever lost your words with experiences that shivered your soul?

I lived in Amazon jungle with Indios. When I came back to Japan, I found myself having lost my words. I could not express myself. I was feeling a limitation of words. Overwhelming experiences could take out our words, I realized.

When experience goes beyond our vocabulary, tears might come out. That might be the time for us to start to show our abilities, which were sleeping inside.

When I came back from Amazon, I really wished I were an artist so that I could express my wonderful feelings by drawing pictures, singing or dancing.

In this book, I wrote about my life changing experiences in Amazon, which awakened my soul.  I wrote why I flew to Amazon jungle alone from Japan, even if I was expecting so many risks waiting ahead of me. I wrote various adventures that I had when travelling in deep jungle and indescribable experience that I had in the Indian village including ceremony by Shamans.

By surviving Amazon journey, I felt myself becoming stronger than before, but I also found I just stared my real journey of life.

This is a beginning of my real adventure in life.

By Yumiko Obama



About amazonparadise

I am an author of "Amazon Paradise" published by AuthorHouse. I am also a professional interpreter and translator working in Japan now. I love swimming and walking along the beach, dreaming to swim with whales in the Pacific Ocean some day. I need lots of training and big courage though...
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